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Custom Mother's Day Songs
by Song Legacy


Our products include MP3 downloads
for last-minute Mother's Day gifts!

Our composers and lyricists have created original compositions to honor mothers and other special people on Mother's Day. These songs are available for purchase as an MP3 download from our website, and can be purchased for a last-minute gift, since no shipping is involved. When you purchase a song you'll receive instructions for downloading an MP3 file of the song plus pdf or jpg files of illustrated lyric sheets and CD covers. You can write the song on a CD (using a program on your computer for creating music CDs), print the CD cover to insert in the CD jacket to transform it into a Mother's Day card, and print the lyric sheet to include as part of your gift.

The following original songs, written by our composers and musicians, are available for downloading, for $9.99 per song.

Click on the rose or song title below to learn more about the song and hear an audio sample.

  Song title Vocalist Style
Mother's Day Song, For You, Mom For You, Mom Andrea Carter Ballad
Mother's Day Song by Roger Eddy A Bouquet for Mom Kathleen Tarp Smooth jazz
Mother-To-Be Song by MaryLee Sunseri Baby, Baby
(song for Mother-To-Be)
MaryLee Sunseri Lullaby
Mother's Day Song by Roger Eddy Thanks, Mom Kathleen Tarp Smooth jazz
Mother's Day Song by Roger Eddy Mom, How I Miss You Kathleen Tarp Smooth jazz

Products available:

Option 1. MP3 Downloads of Standard Original Songs: $9.99

After you pay the fee via PayPal, you'll receive instructions for downloading an MP3 of the song along with an illustrated lyric sheet and CD cover illustration. You can create a CD of the song (using a CD creation program on your computer) and print the lyric sheet and CD cover to present to your mother or use at your special Mother's Day event.

You can order your MP3 Mother's Day song with illustrated lyric sheets and CD cover images directly from the song sample pages.

Note: For $9.99 you are purchasing a single-use license to download the MP3 and jpg or pdf files and use them for one event, or give them as a gift. The song may be played at a party and also be used as the music track for a video or slide show, as long as a copyright notice is included with the name(s) of the composer & lyricist and You may make additional copies for distribution to other guests, but you may not sell or redistribute these files for other uses. All copyright laws pertain. Contact us if you would like to inquire about multi-use licenses or bulk purchases.

Option 2. Personalized Custom Song: Starting at $749* (plus S&H if shipping of a CD is requested)

Our premium products are our one-of-a-kind custom Mother's Day songs, with lyrics based on the life of the mother, grandmother or other special person being honored and original music created by our composers. These songs, which will be cherished for years to come, will turn any Mother's Day celebration into an unforgettable event.

For the personalized song, the lyrics will be written from scratch based on information you provide us. You'll send us answers to a questionnaire and tell us your choice of music for your song. Go to the Song Legacy samples page to hear audio samples of available music. (Page will open in new window.)

The personalized song will be recorded by a talented professional male or female vocalist. If you select the graphics package for an extra charge of $90, custom graphics and the photographs you send us will illustrate the lyric sheet, CD album cover and CD label.

* Songs are generally between 3 and 4 minutes long. If you'd like to extend that length due to more information you'd like included in the song, additional fees may apply.

Delivery Methods:

We offer a choice of two delivery methods for Option 2:

(1) Electronic delivery: We'll prepare a private web page with an MP3 file of your song, along with pdf files of the lyric sheet and CD jacket cover images if you have selected the graphics option. You can download these files to your computer, write the song on a CD (using a program on your computer to create music CDs from MP3 files) and print the lyric sheet and CD cover pdf files. There are no shipping and handling charges for electronic delivery.

(2) CD Creation and Shipping: We'll create a CD with your song and insert the personalized CD cover in the CD jacket. We'll print your lyric sheet(s) on high gloss protected sheet(s), and ship the CD and lyric sheet(s) via FedEx or postal mail. Extra charges starting at $65 will apply for CD preparation, shipping and handling (with cost depending on the shipping method and destination).

Deadlines For Ordering Songs:

To allow us time to complete the songs for Mother's Day in the United States (Sunday, May 12, 2024), all orders for Option 2 (personalized songs) must be placed by April 8 for electronic delivery, April 8 if shipping is required within the U.S. and March 27 if shipping is required outside the U.S. Orders submitted after those dates will be filled if our schedule allows, but extra rush fees may apply. MP3 downloads of standard original songs (Option 1) can be purchased at any time.

To learn more or to sign up for Option 2 (a personalized Mother's Day song), use our Contact Form or phone us at the number listed below. For Option 1, order your Mother's Day song directly from the sample page.

Prices subject to change.


Song Legacy also offers unique and personalized songs for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, memorials and other occasions. Go to the Song Legacy website to learn more, or go directly to the Song Legacy samples page to hear more sample music and find out how you can order customized songs from Song Legacy.

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